As the most  perfect and desirable woman on the planet, it’s easy to get distracted by her legs, her breasts, her sculpted features and flawless skin. (If Michelangelo hadn’t been gay, there’s no doubt she would have been his goto girl for perfection of female form.) But we must look beyond these obvious attributes – dare I say go deeper – to measure the munificence of her perfection.


Yes. This girl has been to the gym.

Here she is hugging the pathetic Gwyneth Paltrow whose paltry pins are dangling at her side (should have worn long sleeves, my dear).

Don’t hurt her, Cameron. She’s  not worth it!

With all this in mind – team CD here at her #1 fan site (although we  prefer the term acolyte – fan is a bit low class) have put together these tips to keep her healthy. Our concern, of  course – nay, our nightmare – is that she gets injured maintaining her perfect physique.

Sports injuries are a lot more common than people think and they can occur at the most unexpected times  even to a goddess.

About sports injuries

Sports injuries mainly originate from accidents, though often occur due to the result of poor training, a lack of conditioning, not using the proper equipment and/or not doing warm-ups or stretches before performing (of course none of that stupid negative stuff would apply to CD. We’re just writing that for any average bozos who are reading this crap).

Most parts of the body usually experience sports injuries, though injuries of the musculoskeletal system are usually the types of injuries that comprise ‘sports injuries.’ Resources that essentially talk about sports injuries are generally talking about injuries in muscles, bones and their associated tissues, such as cartilage.

A combination of therapy and medication are often the best route to health after a sports injury. Many people, in fact, are often prescribed pain-killing medications to help alleviate the symptoms. Severe injuries may even require strong opiate painkillers.  Codeine is available in 30mg and 60mg pills of codeine phosphate, or combined with paracetamol as co-codamol.  The combined medication is very effective at killing pain, but it’s horrendously addictive so watch out. Plus if you overdose, you die. So given these three treatment options – becoming pain free, opiate addicted ,or dead – we recommend the first. You cannot buy codeine or co-codamol in the US online due to legal restriction so you’ll need to go to your doctor for that. In the UK, you can buy co-codamol online without a prescription.  But you will need to go to a EU licensed pharmacy that has doctors available to issue the electronic prescription, and you must of course make sure you are dealing with legitimate guys as the web is crawling with worms.

Types of sports injuries

Many sports injuries are actually classified under two different types. These types generally describe the degree of the injury and what the injury actually is.

Acute traumatic injuries are the types of injuries that consist of fractures, strains and sprains, concussions and cuts. These injuries are best characterized by them mostly resulting from a hard blow or external force coming into contact with a person.

Overuse injuries, also known as chronic injuries, involve injuries like tendonitis and stress fractures. These injuries are best characterized for happening over a period of time, rather than being a short term injury, as they often form out of a person improperly performing repetitive movements. While they might seem like minor injuries at first, they are known to significantly worsen over time, especially if they don’t get proper rehabilitative treatment.

To go further into detail, acute sports injuries generally involve short term pain and discomfort, and there are usually visible signs of injury following the discovery of the source of pain. Chronic injuries, on the other hand, happen over a prolonged period of time; they’re usually associated with chronic pain that often forms after certain parts of the body sustain long term strain from over-performing. Being different forms of sports injuries, both forms naturally have their own treatment options.

Preventing sports injuries

Even though sports injuries can happen at any time, active athletes can preventative measures to make sure they don’t get injured. That usually involves knowing how to take care of themselves before, during and after they participate in any sports activities. Taking those precautions pretty much goes a long way in preventing many sports-related injuries before they start.

Though, many people have been forgoing those precautions, instead going along with what they know about participating in sports. Overdoing sports training and practice, not properly training and/or practicing and even performing with the wrong equipment can lead to sports injuries. And, that often happens to people who forgo, as they say, the rules.

Despite that, many sports injuries can be treated, most to the point of allowing the patient to return to a comfortable level of physical activity following their injury. While some people do experience rare career ending injuries, most people should know that they’ll be fine, despite the presence of an injury.

Treating sports injuries

If you have an injury originating from sports, the best course of action to take does involve seeing a doctor about it. If you can’t get to a doctor right away, you will have to use some over the counter medications, cold compresses and bed rest to help subside the pain.

When you can get to a doctor, they will likely help treat your pain and recommend you a prescription medication to help effectively treat your pain-related symptoms.  In some cases, a doctor will recommend you see a sports rehab specialist to help you effectively recover from your injury.