cameron-diaz-dreaming-about-viagraMen have been trying to figure out with ever since the dawn of time.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more about what makes women tick than our caveman ancestors did.

In fact, our ancient ancestors (not all that far removed from the Flintstones) may have even been a bit smoother with the ladies that we – just because they didn’t have so much noise and confusion out there about what it really takes to turn her on.

Of course, back then a little bit of sabertooth tiger meat and may be a brand-new woolly mammoths jacket may have been all a fellow needed to “seal the deal”, the boy how times have changed.

If you’re looking for a couple of effortless ways to turn around right now, today, focus on the secrets and strategies that we have broken down for you below.

It sure beats trying to track down a couple of extinct animals!


Get your hands on a Six Flags season pass

According to new research published by the University of Texas (Austin), women that have just recently experienced an adrenaline spike are up to 70% more likely to find just about any member of the opposite sex more attractive than they would have if they didn’t go through that event.

The study specifically paid attention to all of the different “triggers of attraction” that women presented both before and after they climbed aboard roller coasters at Six Flags, and the findings were nothing short of groundbreaking.

Now, you might not be able to bring her to an amusement park every time that you’re thinking about making a move, but if you want to really make sure that the sparks are flying, it’s not a bad idea to find ways to pump up her adrenaline before you decide to slide between the sheets.

She’s going to love shopping – for you!

There is just something that a woman loves about a sharp dressed man.

If there is a single complaint is that most women have about the men that enter into their lives romantically, it would have to be that they just don’t dress as well as they probably should.

For whatever reason, we men are mostly focused on the utility of our closing, with very little (if any) attention to detail about how it presents us to the opposite sex.

Now, going out to buy an entirely new wardrobe may not cure erectile dysfunction quite the same way that those little blue pills will, but you had better believe that she’s going to notice the change in either immediately – and it’s going to be a very (very) welcome upgrade.


Become a bit of a juicer

If you are really serious about making a “big splash” with your first impression, you might want to speak with a doctor and see if you qualify for a Viagra prescription.

This sildenafil based little blue pill is an absolute modern miracle, and it’s not just going to help you if you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction. It will also help you get the most “performance” out of our little friend to the south.

It has even been shown to “plump us up” so that we become not only a “grow-er” – but a “show-er” as well!